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Jersey City has become all about art!

 This is a gift, to share it with others is a wonderful goal.

All artists: do you have an hour, or maybe a few, to read a poem, or a chapter, sing a song, dance a dance, show a painting, teach a simple craft, or an artistic skill? All are welcome.

Become a member of MARIARTS and make an impact in your community!


With art we can create hope, build bridges, make a difference, or just brighten a moment in time.

To share with others is to grow within  yourself.



Our  mission is to bring more cultural inclusivity and diversity into art. Using art exhibits, dance, poetry and spoken word our intention is to highlight other cultures for example; the culture of dance in a different country, the different styles of art  from far away lands.  How war affects a given culture, the status of women in another country.  

We plan on creating exhibits that engender thought and are a source of learning, and self expression .

 We are passionate to serve the whole community, including the  underprivileged, children, teens, seniors, and our veterans, by including them in our exhibits and encouraging them to attend.

As we celebrate our evolution in  all that is art, we will look to our creatives, communities, and businesses; to participate, volunteer, and donate , to what can be a collective cause

Giving creates hope.

Let us prove we are prepared to give.

We are a certified non profit corporation established April 2017 501 (c) (3) ST-5.  Donations and sponsorship are tax  deductible

email: info@mariarts.org


Help Our Cause Create Hope With Art

your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the life and lives of others. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.We are  dedicated to helping others.Your Donations Are Tax Deductible We Are A Certified Non Profit Corporation 501 (c) (3) ST-5 You Can Donate With Full Confidence

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MARIARTS sponsored Walter Parks in Concert with Ariel Guidry at The Brightside Tavern. Proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Medecins Sans Frintieres provide medical and sugical help irrespective of race, religion, politics or national boundries.

Artist Dorie Dahlberg and her award winning photograph "make Women Great Again"at the Motion: Emotio

Artist Dorie Dahlberg and her award winning photograph, "Make Women Great Again" at the Motion: Emotion exhibit, curated by MARIARTS. Space donated by the Barrow Mansion and sponsored by the Van Vorst Park Association. Proceeds to VVPA.

Press from the Holi and Art Experience, exhibit curated by Maria Ross founder of MARIARTS. Space donated by the Barrow Mansion and sponsored by the Van Vorst Park Association. Proceeds to VVPA.

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Learn about upcoming events and meetings. There will be art, music, and word, volunteer opportunities that will offer reimbursement and honorarium. Our new non profit corporation will be creating an advisory board with more opportunities for artists to become a part of MARIARTS, Email: info@mariarts.org

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

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MARIARTS, a NJ non profit corporation

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